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You are the millionth person to ask: "Why not a page counter?"
The WWW FAQ provides a reasoned, justified discussion on the (ab)use of counters on a web page. You are the 0th person satisfied with this answer.
The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability
Bi-weekly column by Jakob Nielsen, Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer
The Web Design Group
Information on making non-browser specific web pages. Includes the HTML 3.2 Reference and the HTML 4.0 Reference.
Best Viewed With Any Browser Best viewed with any browser
The headquarters for the campaign for a non-browser-specific Web. Includes good reasons for writing portable pages.
Their trademark is "The Central Spot for News, Reviews, and Server Downloads"
Viruses and Hoaxes
There have been many viruses, but increasingly, there are virus warnings that are hoaxes, and even get YOU to delete key files. Be sure that a virus is real before deleting any files. Some resources:


Netcraft's Server Survey
Summarizes software running on over 1 billion websites. This monthly survey provides growth curves for types of server software.
Conferencing on the Web
"A comprehensive guide to software that powers discussions on the Web" - Listings of commercial and free software for web forums, groupware, and virtual workgroups.


W3C HTML Validator
W3C CSS Validator
WDG HTML Validator
A comparison of the validators and a list of other validators.
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
What does a page look like without some of the newer tags?
Interactive Netscape color map
A Java-Script page to investigate the Netscape color map.

Unix Tools


"A Plan for Spam"
An article by Paul Graham about using Bayesian statistics to identify the probability of a message being spam. The original implementation was in LISP, but others have implemented the algorithm as well:
  • bogofilter - written in C and tuned for speed.
  • bayespam - a qmail spam filter written in Perl.


Robot Information


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