SVAECP - Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production

The Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production (SVAECP) Project is developing an Internet-based, decision-information system to assist agricultural retailers, consultants, producers, and researchers with management of soil variability throughout the agricultural portion of Alberta. The system is based on the premise that variability in soil properties and crop production correlates with slope position.
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  • MacMillan, R. A. 2000. A protocol for preparing digital elevation (DEM) data for input and analysis using the landform segmentation model (LSM) programs, prepared for: the Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production (SVAECP) Project, prepared by: LandMapper Environmental Solutions, Edmonton, AB. (4.5 MB PDF file)
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Research Branch, Western Region) initiated the Prairie Agriculture Research Initiative, or PARI, in 1992 with a focus on sustainable agriculture. Today, with the same focus, the PARI Decision Support System (DSS) consists of a computer program on CD-ROM called Farm Smart 2000. Farm Smart 2000 is a WindowsTM based farm and crop management computer program providing support to producers and extension crop specialists for a broad range of crop production decisions in conservation and conventional cropping systems.
  • Alberta Canola Producers Commission - July 1999 Newsletter article on SVAECP.
  • Agriculture and Food Council - Summer 2001 article on SVAECP

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